Julián begins his week with one of his presentations. In this case, he’s speaking to a group of high school teachers. He tells them about his time in school, his life at work, and his experience as an active member of the community in general. During his presentations, he speaks in both English and Spanish, and emphasizes his message of inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.


The next day, Julián spends the morning recording music with his friend and collaborator, Joe Kelly. Julián has already recorded four albums that he released and shared with his circle of “fans”.


Julián has worked at the Scotiabank Arena for over 15 years. When the Raptors won the NBA championship, he had to work long hours because everyone wanted to buy some of the team’s merchandise.


Every Thursday Julián visits the YMCA to work with his personal trainer who, as Julián says, “is extremely intense.”


Julián celebrates his 31st birthday with friends, colleagues, and family at his favorite pub. The diverse group has one thing in common, they play an important part in Julián’s life and they connect with his love and passions.


Julián works with Michael on his movies and on the vlog he posts at least once a month. Little by little, Julián has built an audience and has big plans for the future, such as having his own television show.