Julián’s Mother

Since Julián’s birth, Inés has been a determined activist who fights for the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. She has worked tirelessly to get Julián registered in regular preschool and elementary school. She was also able to raise Julián as a bilingual person after moving to Canada. Nowadays, Inés is still a driving force behind Julián’s work and activism.



Wayne has been training Julián for 5 years. He knows when to push him and when to let him take things at his own pace. Despite his stubbornness, Julian has developed a good sense of discipline. Working with Wayne has had a positive influence in his life.


Member of the Tulipán Productions Team

Michael Montana is a graphic artist and producer who has been working with Julián for over five years.


Music producer

Joe Kelly has produced the last three of Julián’s albums. During their sessions, they work on the music and lyrics of each song, they design the covers, and they plan the release strategy for each project. Joe and Julián have performed live on various stages and have a very deep connection, which is evident when they jam.



Julián’s boss at MLSE

Working with Julián has been an interesting challenge for Kimberly. She has learned a lot from him and from everything he brings to the organization.


Colleague at MLSE

Kristen started working with Julián more than ten years ago. Over time, Kristen has been promoted and today she is Julián’s direct boss who supports him in his tasks.


Colleague at MLSE

Mathew works with Julian at the Real Sports Apparel Store. Mathew has a different intellectual disability than Julián, but he understands the challenges they each face on a daily basis. Both were among the first employees with intellectual disabilities in the organization and have enriched its workplace culture.